fish in a tree number 2
Updated: 2/23/2021
fish in  a tree number 2

Storyboard Text

  • me too!
  • ill run for class presedent!
  • i won class president!
  • congratulations Ally in so proud of you!
  • no you didn't those votes are rigged!
  • Hey Ally what do you and Mr. Daniels  do after school?
  • just some reading and sounding out words i guess.
  • do i have dyslexia? 
  • Ally and Shay run for class president.
  • so you really have dyslexia?
  • ya!!
  • that's so cool!
  • we are no longer friends Shay!
  • Ally wins class president. Shay is mad that Ally won class president so she bullies Ally. Ally's brother is proud of Ally for wining class president.
  • i'm so lonely this isn't fair!
  • your so cool Ally!
  • ya!
  • ya!
  • ya!
  • Ally's brother asks what her and Mr. Daniels do after school and Ally figures out she has dyslexia.
  • Do you think you can help my brother i think he has dyslexia too!!
  • Ally you won president of the month!
  • Jessica is no longer friends with Shay and Ally starts feeling more confident in her self.
  • everyone starts being nice to Ally and calling Ally cool. Shay starts feeling lonely.
  • Ally won student of the month. Ally asked Mr. Daniels if he could help her brother because she thinks he has Dyslexia to!