The story of a young boy

Updated: 10/2/2021
The story of a young boy

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  • this is the story of El pito de avocado
  • HEY! You I know you What's your name ?
  • El pito de avocado didn't know that he was the one the one that killed his family
  • Koze ? Do we know each other
  • El pito de avocado released that it was the man that he was the one.
  • I am going to take revenge on my family. COME FIGHT ME KOZE !!!
  • You're going to lose.
  • How ? Why ? What ? When did you become this powerful
  • It took me year to be this powerful you wouldn't understand how hard it is
  • el pito de avocado finally revenged his family
  • mom i feel more happy than ever
  • i didn<'t tell you something son your dad didn't die the one who was your dad is the one you killed
  • Mom how ? why ? impossible it can't be true i don't believe you
  • it's true son i didn't tell you that your father was a bad guy
  • Mom why you didn't tell me that i wanted to know my dad so much
  • sorry
  • The end el pito de avocado die in his house by explotion.