Updated: 2/8/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Operation Gunnerside (1943, Norway). Ronneberg, Stromsheim, Kayser, Poulsson, Idland, and others make their way to Vemork to sabotage the heavy water plant.
  • The saboteurs succeed in sabotaging the plant. The high-concentration room of the plant is blown up, and it erupts in flames. Now, they have to make their escape towards the Swedish border.
  • Vemork
  • After a long, and daring escape out of Vemork, the saboteurs reach the Swedish border. They would convince a Swedish border guard that they are wanted by the Germans, and are seeking to take refuge. They manage to convince the Swedes into letting them in.
  • We escaped a German prison. May we please take refuge in Sweden?
  • Alright, you can enter.