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Unknown Story
Updated: 5/5/2020
Unknown Story
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  • How can I keep this virus relevant...?
  • I haven't seen you guys in forever.
  • lets play football!
  • Governor Newsom makes the wise decision to invest in Netflix stock, after noticing more and more people using this app as they are in quarantine. In order for the netflix stock to remain high, Newsom must find ways to keep this Covid-19 virus relevant. Chemically speaking, a scientist wants to start a reaction and ponders ways he could do so.
  • You have tested positive for Covid-19
  • Newsom decides to keep this virus around as long as possible by closing down all beaches accept for one. This will allow more people in one area at a time resulting in more collisions. In kinetics, increasing the concentration allows more molecules or ions to interact and collide which eventually affects the rate of the reaction
  • Netflix
  • the majority of people there were very social and liked to interact with each other. A lot of them enjoyed playing with their friends who they haven't seen in months. This resulted in physical contact and collisions. Chemically speaking, more reactant molecules are moving and collide with each other due to the high concentration and pressure
  • Several people tested positive for Covid-19 after going to the beach, hanging out, and interacting with friends. Newsom's plan to keep this virus relevant was working, as people began to stay home and watch Netflix. Chemically speaking, the reactant molecules are in a high concentrated area and more collisions occur as this reaction is working.
  • This virus eventually infected the whole town. Newsom's plan to keep everyone indoors had worked and everyone was indoors watching Netflix. In kinetics, The reaction rate increases due to the collisions of reactant molecules that are in a highly pressured/concentrated area
  • All in all, Newson's plan was to keep everyone indoors and watch Netflix so that the stock would remain high. To do so, he opened every beach accept for one. This brought everyone in one place, resulting in collisions amongst other people and caused the spread of the virus, and kept everyone indoors. In kinetics, a reaction needed to take place so, the concentration was increased allowing molecules or ions to interact and collide which increases the rate of the reaction.
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