Portrait of a teacher 3d
Updated: 11/3/2020
Portrait of a teacher 3d

Storyboard Text

  • Portrait of a Teacher - 4Create democratic learning communities that are engaging, caring, respectful, and inclusive.4A:Model attitudes, values, and behaviors that promote democratic practice and participation in the classroom.
  • DATE: Monday,November 2, 2020.Season: FallWeather: Windy
  • This means creating a classroom community that participates in sharing school supplies and materials. Also, allowing all students to share ideas and concerns freely during class time. This allows students to engage in conversations, discussions, and ask questions to promote participation.
  • What isa community?
  • Shared classroom materials to teach and promote classroom community. Having all materials easilyaccessible on height appropriate shelving so all students can share supplies and materials will teach them what it means to be part of a community.
  • Community Center
  • Allowing students to speak freely and come up with their own classroom rules for them all to follow is a great example of promoting democratic practice and participation in the classroom. This will also start a conversation in which students can engage in discussion and be respectful when listening to other opinions.
  • Yes, Jason!
  • Classroom Rules1.
  • Teaching relevant world topics like the election of 2020 will educate students on democratic views as well as republican and what it means to vote when being an American citizen.
  • biden
  • The importance of encouraging community in a classroom is what will teach students and make them understand how to be citizens of the United States. It will prepare students on how to be productive individuals in their society. Teaching them how to share with their classmates is only the beginning, but educating students on relevant world topics like the election and the LGBTQ community is crucial for them to learn about so they can develop their own feelings towards these subjects. I plan to implement democratic strategies into my classroom such as sharing of classroom supplies and materials and to elicit class discussions on hard world concepts. Creating a positive, comfortable, and safe classroom climate and community is my goal.