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Updated: 12/18/2020
Book Report Storyboard

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  • I´m so sad I have to get rid of you Bear, but I will still visit you!
  • Bailey was reincarnated into a different dog, Bear. Bear´s new owner was a girl named Windi. She lived in the city and her apartment had a no-dog policy, Wendi gave the dog to her mother and her alcoholic boyfriend.
  • After a while of having Bear at Windi´s mother´s house; her boyfriend got mad at Bear. He dropped him off on a country road. Bear realised the smell from one of his past lives. He realized that it was Jasper the Donkey, from Ethan´s grandparents house. He raw towards the smell.
  • This smell is so familiar!?
  • Thank you for bringing us back together Bear.
  • Bear found Ethan and he was all grown up. Bear went to the dog park with Ethan and found his old ex-girlfriend, Hannah. Bear gets Ethan and Hannah back together. They ended up getting married. Ethan, Bear, and Hannah live the rest of Bear´s life together. Bear has finally found his purpose.