Kemi's Spirit bear Comic
Updated: 1/11/2021
Kemi's Spirit bear Comic

Storyboard Description

In the first picture It shows how Cole beat up Peter for "Snitching" on him. In the second, Cole is in court where Garvey suggests Circle justice for Cole instead of jail. Third, He is on the Island and Edwin tells him some very valuable advice. Fourth, right after Garvey and Edwin leave, Cole rages and he sets his shed/house on fire with the At.oow Then in the next he see's the spirit bear and threatens to kill the bear acting all tough. The bear obviusly attacks him leaving Cole very wounded. After when Garvey and Edwin save Cole when he leaves to go to an actualy hospital he throws the fur into the water, now swearing to inly tell the truth and the truth only.

Storyboard Text

  • You Snitch! You get what you deserve!
  • Please, I'm sorry!
  • I Recommend circle justice!
  • I'll pick circle justice, Anything but jail. .
  • Remember what ever you do to the animals you do to yourself.
  • *Throws fur*
  • That'll teach him. Stupid At.oow!
  • I'll killyou!
  • From now on I will tell the truth.