Updated: 2/7/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Elephants have been around for many years , they're very cute and clever animals , however , these cute animals have evolved over the years in both good and bad ways .
  • Elephants have been killed for their tusks.
  • As a result , many elephants have been born without tusks , this is a bad adaption because elephants use their tusks for defense and survival , their will be less and less elephants since they can be attacked easier with nothing for defense . Especially since so many people are killing them too .
  • The elephant had no defense and was easily killed since it was born without tusks!
  • Elephants are abused to put on a show for humans
  • Resulting in elephants being born smarter and stronger ! Elephants are incredibly intelligent creatures , so this is just adding onto their smarts . I would call it a 50/50 good and bad on this . Good , for increasing intelligence but bad because they abuse these poor elephants .
  • Years have passed and because of these environmental changes and evolution , elephants are decreasing in rate