Updated: 3/2/2021

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  • Life in the palace
  • The four sights
  • Renunciation
  • He was born around 556 BCE. His father was king and his mother queen. Three wise-men meditated and predicted he would become a Buddha. His father wanted him to be a powerful ruler. SO his father made life so pleasant he wouldn't want to leave. He married a princess and had three palaces.
  • Enlightenment
  • He became disillusioned and wanted to see life outside the palace. He made four trips outside the palace. He witnessed a lot of suffering and asked how he can enjoy when there is so much suffering. On his fourth trip he saw a monk and wanted to be like him.
  • The Buddha Teaches
  • He cut off his hair and became a wondering Monk. He searched for truth and how to end suffering, but no one knew. For six years he didn't enjoy world pleasures and meditated. He ate fruit, roots, and leafs. Sometimes he ate nothing at all. He realized not having pleasures didn't bring him enlightenment. He began to eat nutritious food again.
  • The Last Years
  • One night he sat beneath a tree and wouldn't leave till he found an end to suffering. "The Dark One" visited him and tried many things to get him to leave and stop. But he resisted and found the end to suffering and how to remove it. He became the Buddha
  • He gained five disciples and they traveled spreading Dharma for 45 years. They would help anyone and everyone. He always spoke towards peoples true feelings. They felt he was directly talking to them. He visited Monks and told them they have to look after each-other.
  • Buddha passed away around 486 BCE at the age of 80. He realized that he was not the first to become a Buddha. All living beings can become Buddhas. We have to know ourselves and know the Buddha's teachings. We have to know our Ordinary nature and our true nature. The difference between us and the Buddha is we haven't awakened our true nature.