Huck Finn 10-15 (Savannah & Iyana)
Updated: 1/13/2021
Huck Finn 10-15 (Savannah & Iyana)

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Savannah and Iyana

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  • Handling a snakeskin was awful bad luck that maybe we hadn't got to the end of it yet
  • (Twain 91)
  • Jim is bit by a rattlesnake that Huck had placed on Jim's blanket
  • You've been treated bad, and you made up your mind to cut. Bless you, child, I wouldn't tell on you.
  • (Twain 103)
  • Huck pretends to be a girl in order to get the latest news of the town.
  • I say it ain't a-goin' to be more'n two hours befo' this wrack breaks up and washes off down the river. See? He'll be drownded and won't nobody to blame for it but his own self
  • (Twain 119)
  • Huck explores a ship wreck when he finds two men trying to kill a man
  • Tell him I'll have his niece all safe before he can get to town. Hump yourself, now I'm a-going up around the corner here, to roust out my engineer
  • (Twain 128)
  • Huck misleads the watchman of the boats to believe his family is stuck on a boat wreck.
  • Blame de point! I reck'n I knows what I knows. En mind you de real pint is down furder-it's down deeper. In lays in de way Sollermun was raised
  • (Twain 134)
  • Huck and Jim have a dispute on the point of the story of Solomon
  • Dat truck dah is trash; en trash is what people is dat puts dirt on de head er dey fren's en makes 'em ashamed
  • (Twain 148)
  • Huck plays a prank on Jim, leaving very upset.
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