Geo Storyboard: Water Scarcity
Updated: 1/2/2020
Geo Storyboard: Water Scarcity
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  • Let's go on a little trip so I can teach you about the water scarcity issues in the world right now!
  • Alright then! Let's go!
  • Did you know that about 71% of the world is covered with water? However, only about 3% of the 71% is fresh water, which is drinkable for us.
  • Not quite, but you're on the right track.
  • So we only have 3% of all the water to drink because it's fresh?
  • You see, about 2% of this 3% is frozen in glaciers, so that brings us to less than 1% of fresh water! We only have 1% of this freshwater for us to drink, and it's the root cause of many issues in our world.
  • I see! So this is why many places have less water to spare than others.
  • Around 2.1 billion people in the world lack access to water. People walk long distances to get water, most of which is contaminated by trash and feces.
  • Oh my God! I won't ever take my water for granted anymore.
  • The lack of clean and safe water is the root cause of many deaths, more deaths than any form of violence, including war? Many people die from either dehydration or are forced to drink dirty water, which also leads to deaths.
  • More than war?! How is that even possible?
  • Exactly! Let's go home now. See you tomorrow!
  • One more thing to know before you go: Research shows that for every $1 the US invests in improved sanitation, it receives $9 back.
  • Oh, so the correlation between the lack of water and the goals for improvement and development are clear, and the solutions are efficient and cost-effective if we put them into action?
  • Ok! See you tomorrow!
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