Most Dangerous Game comic
Updated: 2/10/2021
Most Dangerous Game comic

Storyboard Text

  • Who cares how the animals feel, hunting is a great sport 
  • General I am a hunter, what you speak of is murder.
  • Now I understand, hunting has its limits and being the hunted, does not feel good
  •  Rainsford didn't look at hunting as a cruel practice and did not care how the animals felt regardless of what his friend was saying. Eventually night fell and Rainsford lit one of his favorite cigars just as he heard the sound of a pistol fired off in the distance. He went to take a close look on the rail of the boat falling off leaving him lost at sea. He began to swim towards the direction he heard the pistol shots from soon finding land.
  • Rainsford finds this huge manor and meets General Zarroff who claims to be the most skilled big game hunter. General explains to Rainsford that hunting is just too easy for him so he invented a "New animal" for a more challenging tasks.
  • Rainsford realizes what his friend was saying and accepts his reasoning as a valid point, being hunted is not fun. Rainsford sets traps and they work on everyone but General, Rainsford wonders his way to the manor and kills General Zarroff ending the "Game." Rainsford gets a good nights sleep and the story ends.