Prove it-Ms. Foshay-World Cultures
Updated: 5/8/2020
Prove it-Ms. Foshay-World Cultures

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  • Prove it-Ms. Foshay-World Cultures
  • Well, Japan started to go into scarcity, as well as entering a drought. So, we, the Shogun, came up with a ration plan.
  • 1. What did feudalism look like in Japan?
  • I am an emperor. I rule Japan and on top of the pyramid.
  • I am a daimyo. We are huge landowners and are vassals of the shogun. We come third on the pyramid.
  • I am a shogun.We are military dictators and we're second on the pyramid.
  • I am a samurai. We are warrior and we make up the military class. We come fourth on the pyramid
  • I am a peasant. We are farmers and have to provide food for everyone in the kingdom. We come last on the pyramid.
  • 2. Why did feudalism fail?
  • Basically, the higher your status was on the pyramid, the more food and water you got.
  • Which caused us, the Peasants, to rebel against authority and create an uproar. This is why feudalism ended up ending.
  • The end! Thanks for reading!