Updated: 5/14/2020

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  • Sir Isaac Newton
  • Please mom I want to stay at school, Please.
  • He absolutely loved school
  • Born on Jan. 4, 1643
  • You are coming home to work as a farmer.
  • He begged his mom to stay at school when was young
  • Grew up in Woolsthorpe, England
  • He is left handed.
  • He spent two years in isolation from the plague focusing on studying.
  • Education was still his top priority.
  • Gravity?
  • He died on March 20, 1727
  • Finally I figured out how we stay on the earth and the Laws of motion.
  • The apple falling on his head supposedly never happened. He saw an apple fall from a tree through his window.
  • He was also the fist scientist to become a knight.