Updated: 3/28/2020

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  • 1938
  • Elimination of Jews from Economic Life
  • Listen up!
  • Mummy! Daddy! Where are you going?
  • 1938
  • NO! Don't leave me alone!
  • Go my sons! I don't have a choice! I am sorry!
  • 1939
  • There will be war!!
  • Three days later, a few officers and I were ordered to announce a Decree that the German Government issued within Berlin. The Decree barred Jews to operate any stores and carry on a trade. It also forbade Jews from selling any goods or providing services at an establishment of any kind. If caught, the offenders would get punish mercilessly without any hesitation.
  • 1939
  • Like I care about you Jewish!
  • In desperation, many Jewish parents send their children abroad, hoping they would find refuge from persecution. Kindertransport referred to a series of rescue efforts, most of these children would never again see their parents, who were murdered during the holocaust. I was ordered by Himmler to stop any Jews regardless of any age from escaping the boarders.
  • 1939
  • January 30th, Hitler delivered a speech on his 6th anniversary of his takeover of power which is the 'Reichstag speech'. Hitler then told the German public and the world that the outbreak of war would mean the end of European Jewry. He wanted to encourage the Germans to hate the Jews as they were the ones whom taken all the jobs away that belonged originally to the pure Germans.
  • 1939
  • On May 15th, SS authorities establish Ravensbrück, the largest concentration camp for women, north of Berlin, Germany. 900 women were moved from Lichtenburg concentration camp to Ravensbrück. I was ordered to take charge and watched them to prevent them from escaping.
  • Please let me out!
  • Let me out! I want to see my son!*sob*
  • September 1st, Germany invaded Poland under Hitler commands as he seeks to regain lost territory and ultimately rule Poland. This initiated War World ll in Europe. Hitler delivered a speech to all of us that we physically destroy the enemies without pitying any regardless of gender, age of polish descents. I was instructed by Himmler to bring some men out to the battlefield and help out the situation.
  • However, I made a mistake, I stood up in the middle of hiding from the enemies. One of the the enemies sniper saw me and shot me. When I realized that I got hit, my body already fell to the ground. I knew I was going to die and said to Ernest who was close to me, "Too bad, I can not see Germany ruling the world! Help me take care of my family! Heil Hitler!" and I closed my eyes and I could't hear gun shots and screams of agony anymore.
  • Geevehrad Mann
  • My Son!!!