Victoria The Crucible
Updated: 2/1/2021
Victoria                                 The Crucible

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  • Witchcraft!
  • I want to be with you John Proctor.
  • I'm just here to find out what happening
  • Reverend parris finds Abigail,Marry warren, Betty and other girls in salem's dancing in the woods the could be punished and making contract to the devil to kill Elizabeth Proctor and practicing witchcraft.
  • Betty you going to fall down the window
  • I want my Mommy!
  • In the morning Parris finds out that Betty is not waking up and Parris keeps accusing Abigail of witchcraft but Abigail keeps denying it. Mr and Mrs putman knew what happened and it was witchcraft . then they call Hale to find out if her daughter is in spell
  • May God be with you.
  • Many people came to visit, John proctor came to see what happened in parris house and who is a farmer who had an affair with Abigail. Abigail saw proctor she say she wants to be with proctor but proctor doesn't want to be with her, he wants to be with her wife Elizbeth.
  • I saw Goody Sibber and Goody Hawkins aslo Goody Booth
  • Did you see someone else with the devil?
  • Me To I saw George Jacob and Alice Barrow and Goody Biber
  • Betty hops up and starts to call for her dead mother then makes her way in the window from where she tries to fly out. Once they are alone there is Abigail and Mary Warren, Betty and other girls. Abigail starts to tell the girl to confess they dance and Abigail threatens the girls to kill them if they say anything else. start to plan to blame everything on tituba
  • Hale, Parris and Abigail went to visit tituba because Abigail blamed tituba for making her drink blood and doing witchcraft and Abigail lied a lot. Hale asks tituba if she contacts the devil she says " no sir I didn't contact the devil" and I believe in god.
  • Abigail starts to talk that to confess and she only says she was dancing then tituba to profess her sins and start to tell the name of who else was with the devil. then seeing that tituba and abigail didn't get in trouble and abigail and Betty start to say names as well getting in trouble.