Francesca's story
Updated: 11/24/2020
Francesca's story

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  • This is my story:on a Thirsday evening someone sent me as follow request and i unknowingly accepted it
  • George sent yopu a follow request
  • Im steeve
  • Im anna
  • Im Francesca
  • i had been talking to Goerge for some time now ( 3 months) and surplisingly he is thye same age as me and he bacame a really good friend to me because he understands me more thtn myy family and friends
  • what are doing today
  • seen 8:40
  • i am going to school in like 5 mins wbu
  • You wanna come over to my house, so we can hangout irl
  • YUP!
  • old town street
  • 28 months later: it had been a very long time since i met him and i graduated from highchool and george suddenly George decide to meet up
  • oh near ASDA
  • Um, sure where?
  • I showed up at this strange place there werent many ppl there, eventhough it was day the place was dark.