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The Water Cycle
Updated: 10/14/2020
The Water Cycle
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the water cycles life

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  • Evaporation
  • Water can evaporate from the oceans and lakes that cause water to come into the clouds. which can start the next step of transpiration
  • Transpiration
  • The water from oceans can cause the water to create transpiration
  • The water from plants can also form condensation
  • Precipitation
  • The condensation from the clouds come down due to gravity and that creates precipitation
  • Water comes from ocean and or lakes that prefrom evapoation, evaporation is when the process of turning from liquid into vapor.
  • Downhill Flow
  • Water comes from oceans that preform transpiration, which is the process where plants loose their water.
  • Percolation/ Ground water
  • Water comes down from the clouds which is called precipitation, which is Rain, snow, sleet, or hail that falls from clouds in the sky caused by gravity.
  • Aquifer
  • Once the ground water/ procolation has soaked underground it creates an aquifer which can hold water for people to use.
  • Rain comes down from the clouds due to gravity that create downhill flow, rainfall and surface water that drains or flows from the land into streams, rivers, lakes, or the ocean.
  • The water that comes down from the clouds creating precipitation, then follws to downhill flow where gravity bring dow the water
  • Procolation is when the water soaks into the ground.
  • Water can collect on grounds like grass ect. And then soaks into the ground and creates aquifers
  • Aquifers collect the water that come into the ground.
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