Science Making Forces Funny
Updated: 2/3/2020
Science Making Forces Funny
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  • Gravity
  • what do you mean "too"?
  • She means that gravity already attracts her body to pull down because it pulls to the center of earth. She is saying her grades are dropping just like anything else with mass, gravity pulls it down.
  • Walter, she doesn't really mean it like that. Gravity doesn't work that way. *sigh*
  • oh no! UGH gravity is pulling my grades down too?!
  • A-
  • F
  • Friction
  • my soul seems like the color of your car smoke:(
  • just because you have a yellow car doesn't mean you turn the air black with all of the smoke!!
  • Elastic Force
  • archery is the worst, i'm not even good. my new bow's elastic force is too strong.
  • The elastic force in his bow is too strong. Therefore meaning his bow isn't very stretchy because it hasn't been used. This will make him use more strength to use his bow.
  • you complain so much about elasticity, get back to work!!
  • Elastic Force 2
  • I used all my power against the elastic force to make sure the arrow would go somewhere, it went a little too far...
  • Magnetism
  • When Walter saw the yellow light, he used the breaks which caused sliding friction between the wheels and the road.
  • I am so glad I carry my old compass. The magnetism of it can help me navigate to where my stuff was and go home.
  • i feel really lost.
  • Magnetism 2
  • Wow. the compass really did show me where to go with magnetism. I'm ready to go home, the science today made my head hurt.
  • Walter used more power than the elastic force which made the elasticity on the bow more stretchy, therefore it made his arrow shoot too far.
  • Magnetism is where 2 forces attract or repel one another. A compass is like a magnet directing where to go.
  • The magnetism in the compass directed him to his original place, the needle in it was allowed to react with other magnetic fields.
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