The Matariki Sisters
Updated: 7/27/2020
The Matariki Sisters
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  • These stars were called the Matariki stars and they were able to show people the way to new land.
  • There were 7 sisters that were stars but these stars were different from the others.
  • These stars had something special that the other stars didn't have.
  • "Ohh those annoying stars they never give me a break they are always making nose this month"
  • Every year in the month of June, July and August the 7 Matariki Sisters would dash around the other stars. The Other Stars got very Annoyed by it and angry to and they would say " Ohh those annoying Star They always disturb me when I'm trying to have piece"
  • " I know right so annoying if they make nose one more time I will destroy them"
  • The Parents heard the other stars knowing that the sisters will get hurt by the other stars. Then they called one of their Children Tupu-ā-nuku on their star phone
  • The Mother replied saying "Go get all your sister and tell then that I said all of you should say sorry to the Other stars""Why What did we do" said Tupu-ā- nuku. The Mother who was called Matariki answered with " Every year when you and your sisters go around the others stars you always make noise singing and annoy then please all say sorry. She replied" OK"
  • Hello said Tupu-ā-nuku what the matter
  • Sorry For Disturbing you we Promise we'll be quiet when we pass you can we be friends.
  • "Oh we forgive you and yes we can be friends."
  • Then they all became friends.THE END
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