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Causes of the American Revolution
Updated: 9/30/2020
Causes of the American Revolution
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  • Quartering Act(1765)
  • You need to let us sleep in your house!
  • The King said so!
  • This is what you get for throwing rocks at us!
  • Boston Massacre(1770)
  • They just love to take our money, don't they?
  • Tea Act(1773)
  • The Tea ActTea has a pice now!$$$
  • The Quartering Act was enacted by the British Parliament to force colonists into providing shelter, food and other goods for the British soldiers. They were in debt, so they made the colonists provide for their soldiers, so they didn't pay for them.
  • Boston Tea Party(1773)
  • Let's each grab a barell of tea and throw it into the sea!
  • Don't mess with the Sons of Liberty!!!
  • The Boston Massacre was a street fight that reulted in an armed attack from the British troops in the Boston downtown.
  • Common Sense(Early 1776)
  • I'm going to name this pamphlet "Common Sense" by Thomas Paine!
  • Other Brittish tea companies were putting other colonist's tea businesses out of a job because the brittish lowered their prices, causing them to be in high demand. Colonists were enraged to be out of buisiness because of the Brittish.
  • The Declaration of Independence(Summer 1776)
  • The Declaration of Independence" Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Hapiness"
  • The Sons of Liberty got together to boycott tea that was on a Brittish ship, by throwing it into the ocean. They did this in order to make a statement that they were not going to accept the Tea Act.
  • Common Sense was a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine, to inspire colonist to fight for their independence from Britain.
  • The Declaration of Independence was a document written by several men, including Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, to declare the colonist's independence from Britain.
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