Aborigine Creation Myth
Updated: 2/17/2021
Aborigine Creation Myth

Storyboard Text

  • After returning to the field where she had begun her work the Mother rested, she was very pleased with herself. The Father of All Spirits came and saw her work, but instructed her to go into the caves and wake the spirits.
  • Mother I am very pleased with your work, however you must go to the cave and wake up all other spirits
  • Sun Mother traveled into the dark caves near the mountain. She entered the cave and began walking towards the spirits. As she was walking through the caves her heat melted the ice, and the rivers and streams of the world were created.
  • Wow it's so dark here, hopefully I can find the other spirits soon
  • After walking for a while the Sun Mother finally found the spirits and the light radiating off of her body starting waking up them up one by one.
  • Once all of the spirits were awake Sun Mother asked them to assist her in the rest of creation.
  • The Father has instructed me to wake you all up, and together we must finish creating life.
  • The spirits, mainly Sun Mother, created all forms of life such as deers, wolves, fishes and birds. Once everything was created she left a special message.
  • Children, enjoy the wealth of the earth and please live peacefully with one another
  • After all her hard work, the Sun Mother rose into the sky and became the sun. The End.
  • I'm so proud of her.