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Updated: 2/14/2020
Heart text

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  • Wow, what a night that was.
  • Morning mom, I slept wonderful last night.
  • Good morning sweetie, How did you sleep last night.
  • Well, my boyfriend greg, sent me a long paragraph saying how lucky he was to be with me and all night i thought about it.
  • Oh really? How come.
  • Oh really, tell me more??
  • Well actually the rumor is, he is going to ask me to marry him!!
  • .
  • OMG, NO WAYYY, are you going to say yes???
  • I'm going to say, YES, duhhh, im super excited!!
  • Okay, well im super excited for you to, but make sure its the right choice.
  • Yes ma'am I know, Love you.