Updated: 12/21/2020

Storyboard Text

  • The Church is always crowded with people wanting to buy the "ticket to heaven"
  • ...Or as what we call it, the "Indulgence"
  • There was one person who opposed the Indulgence and the way of the Church, his name was Martin Luther
  • Indulgence should not be sold nor bought. It makes people's faith fade
  • Martin Luther shaped the core of Protestantism
  • The only source of faith is the Bible !!
  • Confession is not needed.
  • Salvation cannot be reached through good deeds but through faith.
  • Martin Luther's beliefs helped give birth to Reformation
  • We will put a stop to corruption and focus on our mission as a Church instead.
  • We are members of the Council of Trent and we are here to discuss the Reformation that we will do to the Church
  • We will utilize the Doctrine of Transubstantiation; the idea that the bread and wine used in mass is the Body and Blood of Christ.
  • We reject the protestant view of Scripture alone.
  • The Decree concerning Purgatory states that we can pray for souls to go to heaven, Indulgence is useless.
  • We must stop heresies and spread the teachings of Christ
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