Freedom walkers
Updated: 1/20/2021
Freedom walkers

Storyboard Text

  • you may do that
  • if you don't get up i'll call the police and have you arrested!
  • African american and the white are getting on the bus. When they get on the bus there is a line that separates them. The white sit in the front and the blacks sit in the back. The bus driver can move an African American whenever just so a white can sit.
  • In this scene James P. Blake is trying to force Rosa Parks to move out of her seat for a white man. James is threatening to have Rosa arrested. She calmly says "you may do that". Rosa parks refused to give up her seat because she was tired of giving in.
  • Rosa ended up in jail. She ended up calling her mom and then E.D Nixon came with Clifford Durr who was a white attorney. Rosa was charged with violating the states segregation laws. Her case is the case that made the African Americans fight for their rights.
  • E.D Nixon,Rosa, Clifford Durr and Rosa's mom went back to her house to discuss what had happened. Nixon felt strongly about this case and asked Rosa if she was willing to to fight the charges against her to make the arrest a case against the segregated buses. She said it will do Montgomery good.
  • On December 1st the day Rosa Parks was arrested Jo Ann Robinson and her friends met at their offices at Alabama State college to "grade last-minute-exams" but really they were going to draft a letter of protest for the bus boycott .
  • More than fifty-two thousand copies were made and distributed in Montgomery's black neighborhoods. After about a year and 11 days of walking everywhere the segregation laws were over. She died at the age of ninety-two just six weeks before the fiftieth anniversary of the beginning of the Montgomery bus boycott.