Updated: 3/30/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Jughead Jones goes to the sweetwater riverand friends him a classmate who was lookingfor him already dead.
  • Betty, Archie,Veronica and Jughead were investigating the death of their partner in the sweetwater river.
  • Veronica sees her mother talking to someonefrom the southern snake gang and is amazed as they said they were dangerous.
  • A masked man at the Pop's place shoots Fred Andrews,Archie´s father.
  • Archie creates a protection group called the Red Circle and is going to mark the houses on the southside Riverdale.
  • Jughead and Betty start a relationship,wherethe two were very loving,at the same time as Archie and Veronica; this is how everyonebecomes best friends and they always wentevery where together.