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science strip comic
Updated: 5/4/2020
science strip comic
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  • and me fluorine
  • hey it's chlorine
  • and we are the HALOGENS!! now let us talk about who we are :)
  • and i'm iodine
  • hi i'm bromine
  • hi i'm astatine
  • we are the group 17 i the periodic table that you talk about in your sciences class. quite cool right!!
  • we only have 7 valence electrons, we're still searching for the lost one :(. did you know that we're not found in nature?? it's because we have a high harmful reactivity. fluorine is being too active these days hahaha
  • we have low boiling and melting points, we are available in all the states of matter: liquid, gas and solid.
  • hehe they can't see me
  • we love playing around and reacting with other elements
  • when we react, we produce sodium salts with the same properties
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