Updated: 7/31/2020

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  • Who is it?
  • Hello human!
  • I’m Mother Earth. I saw you both strolling here after a very long time.
  • Yes, we were under lockdown due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic and finally we’ve been able to come out after such a long time and Jhanvi you can sit if you want.
  • I’m aware of your situation. Though it may sound ironic, but i’ve actually benefited from this pandemic. I have been feeling so good and I have had my rest that I deserved for a very long time.
  • What do you mean?
  • I can also feel that there’s less pollution, the air is sweeter and the trees are greener.
  • If you look around, you’ll see for yourself.
  • Right! You look healed and refreshed and serene.
  • Humans had exploited the resources that I had given them and brought them to the brink of depletion, ended all fragile forms of life and micro-organisms, poured toxins into my atmosphere and waters, sliced out my mountains to search for fossil fuels and gold.
  • Oh yes, I also heard that nature is slowly healing itself and is cleansing. The air is purifying as well. Everything is slowly going back to order.
  • But due to the COVID lockdown, things have started to look better.I was watching the news the other day, and I came across some facts. It said that many animals have been spotted in their respective habitats again.
  • We feel really bad for what humans had done and we will try to make things right by learning from all the wrongs we made in the past.
  • There was too much exploitation, but nature has its way of restoring balance.
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