The SmallPox Pandemic
Updated: 3/23/2020
The SmallPox Pandemic

Storyboard Text

  • I have been vomiting violently all night, have I caught the pandemic?
  • My son has caught SmallPox, what am I to do?
  • I do not wish to catch the pandemic from you, you are fired as my servent!
  • Sir, I have caught Smallpox!
  • Our whole family is infected!
  • My husband has died of SmallPox!
  • My entire town has caught it, how can I escape?
  • At the beginning of the 18th Century, a pandemic that threatened the health of the population of Britain broke out. This was known as smallpox. The symptoms of this disease included a fever, vomiting, a violent rash on the skin and severe headache.
  • At the time, people remained unaware of the causes of disease, and did not understand how SmallPox was caused either. They did however have theories on how to avoid catching it. It was discovered that people who caught a mild form of SmallPox did not catch it again. People generally tried to avoid those infected.
  • Since there was no known cure, many people, especially those living in poverty, were dying of the epidemic. In 1796, 3,548 people died from the epidemic.