The Digestive System
Updated: 6/5/2020
The Digestive System
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The digestive system parts and its functions. For year 7 science classes

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  • I am eating a hamburger. While it is in my mouth, the incicors rip the meat and the molars crush it. The saliva beaks it down Then, I swallow it
  • The stomach creates acids and enzymes that digest food and break it down. The pancreas regulates the blood sugar.
  • In the small intestines is where most of the digesetion takes place, as the small intestines take the nutrients from the food. This can last hours
  • The food is geting pushed down my esophagus.
  • In the large intestines water (and some other liquids) are being absorbed from the food. The waste is stored in the rectum and then expulsed out of your body.
  • The liver makes a liquid called bile. The bile can break down the food in the stomach. The galibladder stores the bile.
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