Updated: 11/22/2019

Storyboard Text

  • how are you still alive
  • Zero ran away and Stanley went to find him he saw a boat. and he amused it was zero under the boat. He was so existed that he might of found Zero he started running and yelling Zeros name.
  • Zero there is water
  • After zero asked how he had lived and so zero said come hear and zero crawled under the boat and said that it is cooler under here and zero showed him a jar it had liquid in it and was old and gross but Stanley was so thirsty he drank it he was so referred.
  • Stanley helped Zero up the mountain because Zero had no energy to do everything it was hard for Stanley because he was running out of energy to walk any father.
  • They found water Stanley was so relived that he had set zero on a rock and started jumping in the water and getting all wet and was yelling at Zero that they found water then they both started jumping in the water.