Updated: 1/1/2020

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  • Poland
  • ok
  • Someone's at the door, stay here so I don't have to make a new bracha, since we're Ashkenaz
  • 20 Minutes later
  • Bye Yaakov, I'll see you later
  • bye Abdul
  • Shoot I did a heshech hadaat, and now I need to make a new bracha achroma
  • Syria
  • someone is at the door I'll say bircat hamazon and a new bracha when I come back, since we follow the. Ramban.
  • ok
  • Hey Rabbi Jaffe come with Mahmud and Amir to my place, you guys can say Bircat hamazon and make Hamozi at my house, since we're Syrian and follow the Shulchan Aroch
  • hey Ahmed
  • let's say bircat Amazon so we can go outside to see the Chattan and Kallah
  • No, we don't need to I'm not feeling well so I'll stay back, Rambam says you don't need to
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