Health Risk Behavior Comic
Updated: 9/17/2020
Health Risk Behavior Comic

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  • Hey, whats up, did you start planning for the party today?
  • Yeah obviously! Look, I bought some alcohol to spice things up!
  • Hey what!? We shouldn't be drinking, we're only 16!
  • What's wrong? It's just alcohol.
  • We're teens, it's dangerous! 188,000 people under 21 get injured and sent to the emergency room a YEAR!
  • Plus, people are going to be driving home! 1,580 kids our age die driving because of alcohol!
  • Aww okay, stay safe on you way home!
  • Woah I didn't know that!
  • Someone told me there's alcohol at this party!
  • We're just going to have to tell them no and that we can't stay
  • Wait what? We really shouldn't be here, what if they want us to start drinking!
  • Hey, sorry, I don't think we can stay and party today
  • Yeah, we're really sorry, we just have uhh, chores at home.
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