the egyt game
Updated: 12/17/2019
the egyt game
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  • It was in the library in August that the seeds were planted that grew the Egypt Game in September in the Professor's deserted yard.ELIZABETH TURNED OUT TO BE JUST WHAT THE Egypt Game needed to make it perfect.
  • ''Okay. We don't rat, and we get to join the game. Is it a deal?'' In the new part, Marshall finally got to be the young pharaoh, Marshamosis, again, and Elizabeth was the queen, Neferbeth.
  • She was holding the broad open for Marshall when, out of the darkness and silence behind, something grabbed her with crushing strength, and big hard fingers smothered the scream that sprang into her throat.''Help!'' the strange voice rasped. ''Help!''
  • There was a doctor who talked to her and bandaged her hands where she had scraped them on the rough board. But he won't answer any question. ''No,'' Marshall said. ''That's the man who watches us all the time. He was looking out his window, like always. He was the one who said,''Help.''The professor smiled wearily. ''That's what I've been trying to tell you-''
  • The Professor read off the names one by one and handed out the keys. ''Elizabeth,Toby,Melanie-'' ''Is it-is it to Egypt?'' Elizabeth whispered as she took her key, and at the Professor's nod there was a storm of comment.
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