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Updated: 9/10/2020
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  • The Devil is working with thee!
  • Thou art a WITCH!!
  • Thee has't tried to maketh me a witch!
  • I has't done nothing to thee.Thou art telling lies.
  • Thou hast becometh a WITCH!
  • Thou hast not been to thy church in 3 years!
  • Thou hast abandoned God
  • After Tituba is accused of preforming Witchcraft she calls out other people who she thinks are performing it as well. One of those people being Sarah Osbourne and the town quickly believes Tituba.
  • I am not who thou seeth me as. I has't done nothing wrong.
  • Multiple people came forwards sharing stories and evidence on why Sarah was a witch. One of the people were Betty Hubbard who said Sarah had poked and pinched her with knitting needles and preformed witchcraft on her.
  • The family of Sarah's late husband, Robert Prince, accused Sarah of being a witch because she had not gone to church in 3 years due to her witchcraft practices.
  • Sarah denies having any part in witchcraft or hurting Betty Hubbard. She also explains that the Putnam family was placing blame on her because they did not like that she took her late husband's land for herself.
  • Sarah Osbourne is locked in jail while she is being questioned and throughout her trials.She is found guilty and later hanged on May 10, 1692 at the age of 49.
  • I believe the real reason Sarah was was targeted was because she was a social outcast. When Tituba placed blame on Sarah everyone saw her as a good person to accuse. Also, the Putnam family wanted Sarah out of the picture so that they would have her late husband's land back to give to their son. When the Putnam family saw she was being accused of performing witchcraft, they pushed the story even further to make sure she was charged