Updated: 2/21/2021

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  • Despite feeling good strength-wise, he started to feel some side effects physically as well. He returned to the page that he skipped about the warnings of steroid use. He noticed some chest pains, along with shortness of breath while he was working out. He's also felt a lot more down, quick tempered, and vomiting every other day. He begins to read, and becomes worried about his health.
  • The doctor runs some basic diagnostics after being told he started anabolic steroids. He determined that David was developing heart disease. His arteries were very much clogged, and his kidneys were severely inflamed, which is why David was feeling terrible. The doctor told him if he doesn't control his cycle, or completely comes off,(which he highly recommends) he will suffer major health complications, and even die.
  • David had a lot of to think about. Will he want to risk the rest of his life for short term satisfaction of the aesthetic? His doctor warned him, he felt only SOME of the side effects, and he doesn't want to know the rest of the complications left in store for him. For his own good, he decides to go clean. He's lucky, because he discovered early on the risk to reward ratio.