ssr starting 10/3
Updated: 11/1/2018
ssr starting 10/3
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  • Just listen by Sarah dessen 10/25 thursday
  • by the way i never got your number do u=you mind if i have it
  • just listen by sarah dessen 10/26 friday
  • Hey so i found out i was pregnant 2 nights ago.
  • Just listen by Sarah dessen 10/29 monday
  • Im going to pass out please grab help QUICK......
  • Im going just stay put
  • pages 1-3 There is no name for the character and all they say is she, she has been selected for home coming queen and the home coming king and then the extange numbers
  • just listen by sarah dessen tuesday october 10/30
  • Please help my friend passed out.
  • pages 3-7 She finds out that her mom is pregnant while she is driving home from the dance
  • just listen by sarah dessen 10/31 Wendsday
  • Clarke and her went to the park the day after and Clarke passed out due to a heat stroke.
  • just listen by sarah dessen 11-01 Thursday
  • Her friend passed out and she now needs help.
  • erik- hello my name is erik girl-hi erik
  • She gets to the door and bangs and bangs until someone answers and yet someone answers and she makes a new friend and completely forgets about her friend in the park.
  • her friend ends up catching someone and calling 911 and then the ambulance comen and it turns out she has heart problems
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