Updated: 9/6/2021

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  • So my question for this will be "Does Ice melt faster in water or soda? and now I need research on this now
  • Hi my name is Dana I am right now in 3rd period science and I need to make an experiment. I can do "Does Ice melt faster in water or soda?"for my experiment.
  • All you need is soda, water, ice, and 2 cups. The independent variable is the size of the cube, dependent variable is the time for the cube to melt, and control group is the whole ice cube.
  • I know that soda has salt in it so it will lower the freezing point in the ice cube.
  • I am going to make my hypothesis now "If the liquid have salt in it, then the ice cube will melt faster
  • With the information I got the data shows the ice cube melted better in the soda because of the salt in it it took longer for the water.
  • So my conclusion is "with all the data I have gotten the ice melts faster in soda than in ice. By for now