Manifest Destiny Quiz
Updated: 9/9/2020
Manifest Destiny Quiz

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  • on January 24, 1848 a man named James Wilson from New jersey was trying to build a water powered sawmill. Until found gold flakes in a river near California
  • During mid-march although James wanted to keep it secret the word got out and sooner or later it was on the news. soon the news reached all the way to the east coast.
  • gold found in California!!!!
  • During mid-June a lot of men came to the gold mines. There were about 4000 miners by August
  • By 1849 many american men were spending a lot of money that was either borrowed or spent their life savings to go to California. Some even left their families and jobs.
  • During this event California's population interest by 100,000
  • After 1850, a large amount of gold was taken from the cave. It got more difficult to find gold.