chapter 7 great gatsby
Updated: 3/30/2021
chapter 7 great gatsby

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for english class

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  • Myrtle, she's dead. There was a car that was coming from New York. That's the one that killed her. It stopped, then sped off before we could do anything.
  • Oh my god! Gatsby's vehicle. Myrtle must have been hit by Gatsby and Daisy. Wilson, have you seen a yellow car?
  • Well..why are you asking?
  • Gatsby is the..driver. He was in a yellow vehicle with Daisy. I'm positive that's who killed her.
  • all i'm here for is to make sure daisy is safe, alright?
  • You're wrong. Daisy was the one driving at the time, but that doesn't matter. I will take the blame for her death. Please, check on her for me.
  • tell me what happened with Myrtle. We know it was you who killed her.
  • Gatsby..why are you here?
  • Nick goes inside of the home to check on Daisy and Tom. Thankfully, they were only eating and talking with one another. Nick returns and informs Gatsby of what is going on with the two, then takes his leave.