Updated: 1/2/2021

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  • Later that night, we were now in Julia’s room, after receiving the signal. Holmes told me to stay alert.
  • Later that night. We were in Julia’s room, after receiving the signal. Holmes told me to be alert. He had a candle, box of matches and a cane. 
  • When we reached there, Dr.Roylott was staring at the ceiling and there was something yellow with brownish speckles coiled up on his head. It had a squat diamond shaped head and a puffed neck.
  • The speckled band! It’s a swamp adder. He must have died within ten seconds of being bitten.
  • I’ll contact the police and let them know what happened.
  • Holmes explained everything when we headed back.
  • When I saw the suspicious things in Julia’s room it made me suspect that the rope was there as a bridge. I also remembered that Dr Roylott had a supply of deadly animals. He probably set it free through the ventilator and lured it back by whistling and with the milk. When I heard the snake hiss, I attacked it with the cane,
  • Suddenly there was a horrible cry.
  • Yes, and causing it to bite it’s master as it was angry and Dr Roylott was the first person it saw. I am indirectly responsible for Dr. Roylotts death but I can’t say that it will weigh heavily on my conscience
  • That means it’s all over. Now we will go to Dr.Roylott’s room.
  • What was that??
  • Making it go back through the ventilator.
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