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How Lilith got expalled.
Updated: 9/21/2020
How Lilith got expalled.
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It all started in school were me and my friends were just hanging out in the hallway just talking like the usual. Until all of the sudden a blond haired girl was walking pass by me until our bodies knocked out one another we both yelped "Ack-!" It took me a few seconds to realize on what just happened I was going to apologize until She started yelling at me " Look what you just did you freak you made me fall down you know my clothes are way more expensive than yours." I didn't know what to say to her but just stay silent. Even my friends were shocked on what just happened. " Woah calm down, I'm sorry alright just calm down on what you're saying" right behind me I heard loud footsteps behind me. "What's going on here?" it was an administrator. I was going to respond to them until the blond girl started talking again " administrator she hurt me I was just walking by until this crazy girl jumped me" I yelled " Wait what I didn't do anything wrong administrator I was just here talking with my friends in the hall until she knocked us both down to the floor". By the tone of voice administrator had when they talked seemed like they weren't having it " To the principals office you two" I just stood silent and walked to the location that they wanted us to go to. Now that I realized my friends didn't even said anything to defend me started to get upset with them while I was walking. Once we arrived we took a seat a few minutes she started talking to me " I'm sorry freak for making us come here I shouldn't have said those things to the administrator" I was just ignoring her at this point I've dealt with these types of people before earlier in the years. An hour later the principal voice came from her office"Please come in " we both got up from our seats and walked in." Alright ladies what happened today with you two? I've gotten the word by the administrator that something happened in the hall" I was about to talk until I got interrupted by the blond. " Oh miss it was horrible , she threatened me when I was walking in the hall" my eyes widen "WAIT WHAT?!" I yelled. The principal's face turned straight to me "Get out you're expelled from this High school. Lilith Star". "But I" I added but she raised her voice " I won't deal with these behavior in here. I got up and walked away from the principals office to the front door of the school. I tried to keep my cool until I got home.I started bursting with tears in my eyes "This doesn't even make sense I couldn't even defend myself to them or even get defended by friends that's not fair".
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