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Updated: 3/29/2021
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  • Just you wait my love! Time will go by so fast, you won't even realize it.
  • Theseus and Hippolyta
  • Our wedding day is so soon,I can't wait for the day to come. It feels like time is going as slow as a turtle now a days.
  • Meanwhile...
  • Egeus (far left) Demetrius (left) Hermia (right) Lysnader (Far right)
  • Theres no way I'd ever let my daughter marry a loser like Lysander! I just won't let it happen. Lysander has cursed you, Hermia.
  • Also, Hermia, the rules state you must obey your father. So hurry so we can get married.
  • You will either die or spend your life with the nuns.
  • Whats the worst that can happen if I disobey by father?
  • Also, I am basically the same as Demetrius, maybe even better! And at least my love will only be with you, other than Demetrius who was in love with someone else.
  • OMG! Yes I love that idea and I love you.
  • Good! Let me giver her a call.
  • Hey! I have a plan. So I say we forget the law and we run away from Athens and live with my Aunt.
  • Helena
  • UGH! What does Hermia have that I don't? Why does Demetrius love someone so dumb. I don't like Demetrius but still!!!!
  • Oh? Is that so?
  • I am going to call Demetrius about their silly plans in able to win him back.
  • Hey Helena! We are planning on running away and living with my Aunt!
  • I was told that Hermia and Lysander will be running away from Athens so Hermia doesn't have to marry you.
  • What are they thinking...