A Day in the Life of a Water Droplet: Part 2
Updated: 3/30/2020
A Day in the Life of a Water Droplet: Part 2

Storyboard Text

  • Deidara and Sasori have been surrounded. They have nowhere to run...
  • Curse this! I can never shake them! I need to get home! Who are these mad men anyway?
  • Sir Dropper and the goons once again comes down as precipitation...
  • We're gaining on him! Un!
  • Indeed. We must not keep our employers waiting.
  • Back to the clouds...
  • This is the police! ALL OF YOU FREEZE!
  • This has been going on for several days!
  • Police! Police!
  • Once again, they come down as precipitation...
  • Almost there! Un!
  • Stop!
  • Freeze!
  • Thank you, officer!
  • You're surrounded!You are under arrest.
  • Sir Dropper has reached home in the soil. He needs to gather snacks...
  • I have gathered all the snacks now. Time for my chess tournament!
  • He takes river transportation...
  • I'll beat the lot of them!