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Updated: 11/29/2020
Unknown Story

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  • You see where I shoot him, right in the head. if you do not , they with run a hundred yards after's he's hit and tear leg off with them tusks. Always shoot him in the head so they can not see you and come after you.
  • Zech is in the frost with his dad Tobias MacIvey teaching him how to shoot a bore to protect himself and survive.
  • In Florida in 1863
  • yes sir !
  • We have to go away from the civil war so we do not get hurt.
  • We should go to the lower parts of Florida
  • how far are going
  • Tobias and the rest of his family is traveling down Florida to find a safe area to live when the civil war in active. while traveling they have to be carful where they go so Tobias does not get drafted into the war.
  • The MacIvey family is having trouble getting the things that they need to survive until they came upon indies that needed help. After they helped out the indies, they to wanted to help the MacIvey family. So they gave them ideas on what they should do to het money and food. They said to round up borers.
  • Thank you so much for helping us, now we shall help you.
  • It will be ok, we will find a way
  • I do not know how long we will last if we do not get the things we need fast !
  • Thank you
  • Mom their is no food, how can we survive.
  • The MacIvey family is still traveling down Florida and came upon a very bad storm and lost all of here bores. with out the bores then can not get money and food so they are in big trubol.
  • Zech and his father Tobias are traveling to the Indians to help them, and on the way their Zech's father got really sick and was dyeing and Zech does not know what to do to help, but he knows that he needs to do something fast before it is to late.
  • Dad do you feel ok !
  • No I do not son
  • Omg i hope they will be ok
  • A black cloaked person made fires and tried to harm the family, and while doing so also tried to burn their home.
  • I can not believe that people can do this
  • we will go after them
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