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Updated: 2/25/2019
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Storyboard Description

Slide #1 Government facility Location unknown Alarms sounding and rain pouring Time: 23:13 Camera zooms slowly in Background music is intense but quiet, working with viewer subconscious. Music will continue until slide 7 Light gunfire One big explosion in background Slide #2 Military woman running through halls in government facility, panting Alarms sounding Robotic voice speaking: "Warning... Security Breach" Bombs and heavy gunfire in background Camera is shaky as if held by hand Dolly Slide #3 Military woman running through room after room, panting Alarms sounding Robotic voice speaking: "Warning, Code Black, Repeat, Code Black" Woman has a concerned look. Camera is shaky is if held by hand Dolly Close-up shot of woman's face Slide #4 Woman runs up to elevator and scans her hand Robotic voice speaking: "Scanning... Access Granted" Gunfire is quieter now and seem muffled by many walls Mid range shot of elevator Low angle shot of woman, concerned expression Back to mid-range as elevator opens Woman runs through Slide #5 Woman running through deep underground tunnel Gunfire and bombs are now longer heard only sounds are woman's footsteps and intense and quiet music camera is on dolly Slide #6 Woman enter secret room Long range shot of scene to show room Experiments are on desks and tables Large black robot lies on a table in the center of the room Woman speaks in urgency: "Commence operation Armageddon" Camera zooms in on robots face and screen fades out to black

Storyboard Text

  • Warning... Security Breach
  • Warning, Code Black Repeat Code Black
  • Scanning... Access Granted
  • Commence Operation Armegeddon
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