chapter 5.
Updated: 5/8/2020
chapter 5.

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  • Good . Tell us
  • The details aren't clear, really, I think I was in the bathing room at the House of the Old
  • The feeling you described as the wanting? It was your first Stirrings
  • The chapter starts with the dream telling ritual, in which Jonas never participates because he rarely dreams, but this time he had
  • .
  • Jonas dreamed about Fiona. They were in the House of the Old and he wanted Fiona to take her clothes off but she didn't allowed him, then he woke up.
  • Jonas mother and him talk about the dream, she tells him it was his first stirrings, and now he has to take a pill every morning to control them. Jonas at first was scared, but then he felt proud
  • While Jonas is going to school, he tries to grasp the dream, but he can't because the pills have made its effect