The Broken Blade by Isabelle Zalewski Hr 4
Updated: 2/27/2020
The Broken Blade by Isabelle Zalewski Hr 4

Storyboard Text

  • My hands really hurt
  • stop it
  • GRANDPA!!!
  • I'm going to die I'm going to die I'm going to die
  • Pierre woke up one morning to find out his dad cut off his thumb and couldn't be a voyageur which means they would be short on money. Later Pierre decided he would become a voyageur to help his family. But when he started his 1st trip he relized it wasn't as easy as he thought.
  • goodbye world
  • hold on boys
  • Pierre starts to get really bad blisters and everyone is telling him bad stories about what happens to voyageurs. LaLonde is one of the only older men that is being nice and comforting him. LaLonde helps Pierre out a lot but whenever he does the other voyageurs make fun of them.
  • It's so different around here compared to home.
  • Pierre went through his 1st rapids and he's really scared. All of the other voyageurs think it's just a breeze which is the only thing that's making him feel better about these rapids but also makes him more scared for the next rapids . LaLonde had to get up on a slippery rock and fell off!
  • your home!!! and your a man now not my little boy
  • They entered Lake Superior and it was fine at least that's what Pierre thought. Once they got deeper into the lake big waves started to appear it was like an ocean. Now Pierre new what the other voyageurs were talking about earlier. Luckily he made it out okay.
  • Pierre arrives at Grand Portage and thinks its pretty different but is so proud of himself for making it all the way there. He meets Mukwa, Charbonneau's friend, and learns more about LaLonde from them. He also meets Kennewah who he likes right away even though they haven't really talked.
  • Pierre makes it home and is thrilled to be back at home with his family. He walks up and sees his dads thumb and still feels so bad but his dad tells him he is fine and so proud of him for making it all the way. I think he will go back to school and study to be a trader so he still gets to be part of voyageuing but won't have to do the hard paddling.