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Updated: 1/29/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Time to get my morning workout in before work.Ugh! It's so early. If only I could spare some time for extra sleep!
  • I better start getting everything together....
  • Oh my god finally! I've been looking for that watch. I need it to track my workout
  • Now to get my phone and stereo...
  • I think I've got everything let's get down to the gym! FINALLY!
  • Now to turn on the stereo and start my tracker on my phone..
  • Sigh.. If only there was a way to shorten this process
  • Lifting weights is my favorite part of the workout.
  • Maybe I could find a way to maximize my time for my workout with the dumbbells
  • What if I created a smart dumbbell! It could be purchased online and have it's own app
  • It could do everything I need it to so I can save some time in the morning!
  • Adjustable magnetic weights could free up space for new gym equipment too! I'm on a roll!!
  • It could play music, track my workout time, calories and heart rate. It could even have a personal trainer installed!