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Updated: 12/20/2019
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  • Meeting of the estates general
  • We nobles see the problem but we are fine in money and many things , we are friends with the king
  • Of course you nobles are fine you don't have to pay taxes
  • Tennis court oath
  •  We need to do something about this and not tell a soul
  • Let's make an oath to make a change
  • Storming to the Bastille
  • You're head will be on this stick
  • Captain they got in !!
  • King Luis XVl called all three estates to try and figure out a new solution for fixing the debt in France .Instead of listening to what the estates had to say the king decided to go back to eating cake .
  • The march on Versailles
  • we want bread for our families
  • i agree to your terms
  • When king Luis ignored all three estates the third estate decided to go back to the room and not leave until the king heard what they had to say, on their way back the found the door locked and found a inside tennis court and discussed a solution . Afterwards the estates made an oath called "The tennis court oath " to show no difference between them
  • The reign of terror
  • On July 14, 1789 the french saw that Swiss soldiers were roaming the streets With this action the french felt the king was betraying them and they had to take action for themselves . When the french marched to the Bastille the captain wouldn't let them in but soon the head of the captain was on a stick.This was a step towards democracy
  • The Rise of Napoleon
  • This march was very important it was a symbol of the start of the revolution .After the prices of bread went up on the market the poor people of France and women went to Versailles and demanded to see the king to try and fix the prices . After all the trouble that was happening the king agreed to the terms .
  • I don't want to die
  • The reign of terror began with the overthrow of the Gridirons and the ascendancy of the Jacobin under Robespierre. Many people died under Robespierre's power. People of France then got tired of deaths all around and ended up killing Robespierre with the same Guillotine. he killed other people
  • Napoleon was a great captain and lead the french to many victory's and soon enough the french needed a leader and elected napoleon as a king With all the power that napoleon had he elected himself emperor .Napoleon made some bad decisions and invaded the wrong kingdoms one of them was Russia where he arrived with the land burned .
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